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Cristina Mullen Psychotherapy, Coaching and Consulting Services

SKILLS Groups Provided by Columbia City DBT PLLC

Note the location of this group is at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center NOT at 5000 42nd Ave South.

or detailed information on the group go to

How long will it take me to complete the DBT Skills Group and graduate?

Prospective students are required to make a commitment to complete at least one round of all three modules. After completing this round you may re-assess with your therapist if another round is necessary for you to reach your goals. My experience has been that many if not most people benefit greatly from repeating the curriculum as learning is easier as the treatment progresses and most people's symptoms decrease. You are expected to commit to coming to every class with rare exceptions. Think about it like taking medicine, dosage is related to effectiveness of the treatment. If you took only half of your antibiotics you would not expect to beat the infection. It follows then that you want to make sure you are ready to commit a significant amount of time and energy to the class and the practice of the skills. Another analogy is Physical Therapy. You do not progress by attendance alone, for full benefit you have to practice, practice,

practice the new exercises you are taught to re-train your body and strengthen it.

If you are interested please call 206-214-6009 to schedule a screening. Intakes are on-going.